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  • Cleansing Bar with Serum Concentrate

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Beauty Serum Facial Cleansing Bar No. 512


Product Description

Our all natural, no synthetics, beauty bar is a fabulously creamy, gentle cleanser in which the base is made using a European formula that is thousands of years old.  How's that for tried, true, and tested?  In addition, this bar contains many of nature's most wonderful moisturizers and humectants (help skin attract/retain moisture), all in an effort to help your skin maintain its moisture balance.  Lastly, our beauty bar also contains our prized Treatment Serum Concentrate so you're not only cleansing, you're nourishing and balancing as well.  You will also receive a Silken Fiber Sea Sponge that can be used dry to exfoliate and brighten skin, then use the dampened sponge to apply the cleanser, then rinse with water. 

AND select an all natural treatment serum concentrate that moisturizes, treats, refreshes, rejuvenates, and balances skin.  Just select your serum and get ready to experience beautiful skin care. 

Products Included: 1 fl. oz. Treatment Serum Concentrate & Treatment Beauty Bar with silken sponge and muslin bag.


No. 512 is the perfect product for skin that tends to be reactive (frequent breakouts, irritation, excess oil, hormone responsive).  Unlike most market products for this skin type, the 512 serum concentrate works to restore the critical balance of vital, nutritive sebum.  While most acne prone, oily skin products strip the skin of sebum and tout an "oil-free" ingredient list, the reality is this becomes a direct signal for your skin to produce more sebum/oil.  Conversely, 512 nourishes your skin with a base that is nearly bio-identical to its own natural sebum, which signals your skin to not produce an excess.  In addition, this formula contains pure Arctic extracts that soothe, purify, and restore, as well as protect.

  • Organic Bilberry Seed - rich in essential fatty acids & phytosterols, which keep "good things" in & "bad things" out
  • Blackcurrant Seed - rare optimal balance of Omega 3 & Omega 6 fatty acids pivotal for healthy skin, rich in GLA (local hormone regulating) and Stearidonic acid (high metabolic activity for anti-inflammatory)
  • Juniper Sprout - sustainably harvested, proven anti-microbial (microbes are the true cause of acne/breakouts)
  • Raw Cacao Absolute - one of the richest sources of anti-oxidants, rich in Arginine & Theobromine (increased blood flow to help your body heal & maintain optimal wellness)  
  • Bergamot (bergaptene free) - from southern Italy & France, extracted from the fruit peel, bergamot extract contains multiple anti-microbial compounds
  • Vitamin E - promotes helaing & prevents free-radical damage.

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